Music Production 音乐制作

Music production has greatly changed in the rapid development of computers. Music production, arrangement and recording are no longer the patents of the recording studio. Everyone can now use their personal computer to make near-professional music at home. Students with outstanding performance will have the opportunity to be selected to participate in various recording activities or become part-time school recording engineers. We hope that students can not only play music or sing songs, but also create and produce good music. Outstanding works will have the opportunity to be included in the collection of works of teachers and students launched by the school. There is even a chance to be introduced to various copyright companies, music production companies and record companies at home and abroad.

音乐制作在电脑的迅速发展中有了极大改变。音乐制作,编曲及录音已不再是录音室的专利。 每个人如今都可以应用自己的个人电脑在家中做出近乎专业的音乐。表现优异的同学将有机会被挑选出来参与各类录音活动,或成为学校兼职录音师。 我们希望同学们不仅会玩音乐或演唱歌曲,更能创造及制作出好音乐。 优异的作品将有机会被收录在学校推出的师生作品合辑里。甚至有机会被推介到国内外各词曲版权公司,音乐制作公司及唱片公司等。

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    This latest branch of MUSICKAKI has just started its operation in November 2014. Various courses will be offered gradually over times. We strive to continue to provide “enjoyable and professional” music education to all of you within the vicinity of Eco Cascadia. MUSICKAKI Eco Cascadia also houses a demo recording studio for both education and […]

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    Established in 2006, the first MUSICKAKI founded its home at the heart of downtown Johor Bahru. It was an honour to have Golden Melody Award winner – Penny Tai, PWH Award winner – Abin and TOYP Award winner – Jones Ong, to cut the ribbon together at MUSICKAKI’s Grand Opening. MUSICKAKI aims to provide “enjoyable […]