Love Music, Learn Music. 喜欢玩音乐的人, 一起学音乐的地方.

MUSICKAKI is a place where people who love music, learn to play music together! We believe that learning music is FUN and the music teacher is your best FRIEND in music! Simply browse for a course that interest you, pick a location and JOIN US! Be it Pop or Classical, Adults or Kids, Alone or in Group, Online or Offline Course, you are ALL WELCOME! If you are reading this, you are definitely interested in music, and we look forward to seeing you soon at MUSICKAKI!

《音乐卡奇》一个喜欢玩音乐的人,一起学音乐的地方!我们坚信学习音乐是快乐的,而音乐老师就是你最好的音乐伙伴!在这里,找个自己喜欢的音乐课,选定地点,马上就能加入我们,一起享受 “学习” 和 “玩” 音乐的快乐了!无论是古典或流行、小孩或成人、个人或小组、实体或线上课程,我们都非常欢迎你来学习!如果你正在读着这段文字,你肯定对音乐有着一定的兴趣。来吧~ 我们《音乐卡奇》见!


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