Singing 卡拉歌唱

Karaoke is a common music accompaniment for singing today. Instructor will provide guidance and training emphasize on sense of rhythm, pitching, diction and song interpretation.


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    This latest branch of MUSICKAKI has just started its operation in November 2014. Various courses will be offered gradually over times. We strive to continue to provide “enjoyable and professional” music education to all of you within the vicinity of Eco Cascadia. Hopefully we would gain your trust and support just as we did at […]

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    MUSICKAKI made its first venture out of Johor Bahru to Kulai in 2010. With the same philosophy of MUSICKAKI, this branch not only has to prove itself to provide “enjoyable and professional” music education regardless of music genre, student age and type of instruments, but also location. We are glad that we have made it […]